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Samira Rao is a South Asian raised in the West against the backdrop of two different religions. Her mother was a Roman Catholic from Mangalore and her father a Hindu from Maharastra were both born and raised in Mumbai, India. Samira was born in England and lived in Iran, a witness to the first Islamic revolution that began in 1978. The family fled Iran in 1979, one day before the Shah of Iran escaped himself. Samira's family took the last commercial flight out of Tehran, just before the airports were shut down and landed in Greece where they stayed for one month.

Living abroad and in a country fighting for it's own identity Samira learned when fear and fundamentalism are injected into a society the spread of rage is subtle yet rapid. After fleeing Iran, her family came back to Canada where she lived in Toronto and then Montreal. Samira's exposure to different cultures at various times of her life enabled her to look outside the box we live in and appreciate life in all its facets. It opened her consciousness to diversity in all its aspects and to the unity that is inherent in diversity.

Samira published her first book, Living in Chaos Is Living in Stability, in December, 2000. For four years she published a health publication called Living in Chaos Health & Wellness News. It was dedicated to articles dealing with cutting edge health and healing modes.The publication was circulated to hospitals, physician clinics, health spas and subscribers in the state of Michigan, as well as nationally.

She published a chapter called :A Cry In The Night" for Chicken Soup Twins and More which was released March 2009.

She is now working on a book that looks at the spiritual aspect of mothering; subjects include birthing, miscarriage and adoption which she and other mothers have experienced on the journey of motherhood.

Samira lives in Michigan, with her husband and two children. She has a Master's of Science degree in Health Education (thesis pending).

Consult Samira for Personal and Professional success. He will analyse your planets and Chakras and concerns and recommend for you a combination of Rudraksha, Gemstones and Chakra meditation to help you with Healing, Empowerment and Success.

Just wear the combination suggested and join the team of satisfied men and women who were able to break free from the shackles of stress, fear, lethargy, low self esteem, confusions to create an empowered and abundant lives for themselves and their dear ones.

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